Orkney Islands NABO Fieldschool

Fieldschool Details

Arrive on Rousay June 22rd
Depart Rousay July 21st

No. of Students: 10 probably 5 CUNY / 5 AGES, Bradford places dependent on application and gender mix for the accommodation.

Location: Rousay, Orkney

Cost: Your Travel to Rousay plus fee £1,280 for the four weeks on the island (£320 per week) Inclusive of:

  • Accommodation (on Rousay only)
  • Food
  • Transport
  • Equipment
  • Supervision
  • Visits.

Please note, you will be responsible for transport costs to Orkney and any accommodation required on Mainland, Orkney.

Open Day

Learning Aims

  • the development of the students practical skills in excavation/survey techniques and methodologies.
  • to enable the student to assess, at first hand, the nature of archaeological deposits and field monuments.
  • to give the student experience in viewing the archaeological record at intra site, site, and inter site level.
  • The field training will be supported by a program of field trips and lectures.

Further details in the form a PDF file can be downloaded here

Digging for Britain Video

  • Human Ecodynamics

  • Reports

  • Parent page: Fieldschools